PPI Manufacturing is at   BestCarnivalGames.com 

Part of the Amusement Supply Co Family!    


We have built many items as PPI Manufacturing for 12 years but feel that our Web name "best" describes what we do. We are now at BestCarnivalGames.com.

We build quality items for the Special Event Industry. Powder Coated Carnival games, Jacobs Ladder Climb, Inflated and Hardshell Cash Cubes, Hoverball, Game Fronts, and many other quality items. We build for the durability the rental market needs. Our items are 100% built in the USA. 

I have been doing carnival game rentals for 34 years and started building 17 years ago. I build equipment designed to outlast our careless employees. Everything I build is durable and has the fewest possible (usually zero) pieces to lose. I also design it to take up the least amount of space possible.

Every item I build is Product Tested in my Carnival Game Rental Company.

I used to build wood carnival games but they looked old and beat up in 1 year. My games look great for years and they weigh the same as the wood games.

Give your clients the Best.     BestCarnivalGames.com.

But do not ask for free shipping, I am not Amazon!